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Case Study

Banking & Finance

05 October 2021

The Client

This particular client is one of the world’s largest Investment Banks, with approximately three thousand staff based within a central London office and two substantial data centres strategically placed within the UK.

Due to the nature of their business, they have an obligation to adhere to strict FSA regulations, they are regularly audited and have a responsibility to Customers as well as Stakeholders to ensure compliance with data protection and environmental legislation.

The Requirement

The client’s IT Infrastructure is constantly evolving to keep up with business demands, which subsequently generates substantial quantities of redundant equipment that needs to be handled responsibly and data that requires sanitisation with evidence provided.

A strategic decision was made within the business to update their data storage, which resulted in a large volume of redundant HP EVA SANs being generated. The quantity of hard drives within these SANs exceeded seven thousand and they contained substantial amounts of sensitive data. The equipment was also less than four years old and was a multimillion-pound investment at the time of installation.

The information contained within the hard drives posed a data security risk, the initial expenditure on the equipment was still a consideration and the need to have production space generated within the data centres was pressing.

Although the client had an incumbent supplier in place, they did not satisfy all areas of this requirement, so an RFP was published and FGD were awarded the project

The Solution

FGD created a proposal that demonstrated an extremely strong six figure buyback return on the redundant storage equipment. 

We also implemented Blancco erasure software, which is NCSC approved to sanitise all data from the hard drives and detailed our hard drive shredding capability to destroy any non-functional devices.

The project timelines were tight and although FGD could perform onsite data sanitisation, we offered the secure GPS tracked transportation of all hardware directly to our secure processing facility as an option. This option was selected as it reduced the amount of time required within the data centres, reduced service costs and still offered an incredibly high level of data security.

The FGD sales team utilised years of experience and numerous global contacts to maximise the value of the equipment

An FGD project manager was assigned and over a three-month period all hardware was collected from two separate data centres using trusted and background checked FGD staff. Following the collection of equipment, the FGD technicians recorded the capacities and serial numbers of all hard drives and associated hardware, performed the data sanitisation and our client services team supplied comprehensive audit reports and corresponding certification for our client’s records.

The FGD sales team utilised years of experience and numerous global contacts to maximise the value of the equipment. As expected, we achieved approximately thirty percent more value for the equipment by harvesting the components and splitting the sales across multiple buyers, rather than selling the systems complete.

The Result

FGD are without any doubt a key supplier to our business. They are reliable, professional and regularly exceed our expectations

Data Centre Manager

The project was a complete success! Our client utilised the funds generated from the resale of the redundant SAN’s to offset some of the new storage solution costs, all data destruction certification was provided to satisfy the FSA and their Environmental Team was delighted to report that the redundant IT equipment was reused, rather than recycled, which was fantastic for their Corporate & Social Responsibility obligations.

Our client was so pleased with the project’s outcome that they engaged FGD to assist with all ongoing IT Disposal and Data Sanitisation requirements within the UK and Europe

This was nine years ago and the relationship between our two businesses remains very close. During this time FGD has assisted our client with the disposition of tens of thousands of IT assets, generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in resale value and satisfied all related data security concerns.

Except for a few bespoke projects, over this nine year period our client has not been required to raise a Purchase Order for FGD services, due to the value of their redundant IT equipment being available to fund all associated costs.

NB: Due to the sensitive nature of our work we are unable to disclose the name of our client, but individual references are available on request.