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Case Study

Public Sector

05 October 2021

The Client

FGD’s client is a County Council, who we began working with in early 2019 following a successful tender submission.

As a large Public Sector organisation, the Council wished to engage a supplier who could recycle redundant equipment in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, whilst maximising the potential return value from the resale of assets.

The client has a head office location and some smaller satellite sites, with thousands of users and substantial IT infrastructure volumes. It was of paramount importance to the Council that clear and transparent processes be followed when recycling and reselling their redundant equipment, with a robust asset audit trail and data destruction certification available for immediate review via an Online Client Portal.

The Requirement

The project was a Windows 10 rollout, involving the recycling of an anticipated 3,500 laptops, 600 PCs and 2,000 monitors

The project was a Windows 10 rollout, involving the recycling of an anticipated 3,500 laptops, 600 PCs and 2,000 monitors, with the aim of recouping as much return value as possible, to assist with the future IT budget.

Initially forecast over a six-month timescale for completion, the project was to begin with an existing stock of older monitors, then followed by the laptops and PCs. All assets would be collected using FGD staff and our GPS-tracked vehicles, with pre-scheduled dates for collection throughout the term.

At the time of assessment, FGD were informed that the majority of laptops were still within warranty and that the devices would be a maximum of 4 years old and in good condition, therefore holding strong potential resale value.

The Solution

Collections began in June 2019, starting primarily with the monitors as expected. 

FGD scheduled twice monthly pickups, with 1-2 vehicles per collection and held regular management meetings with the client to plan resource and understand the evolution of the project, addressing any queries.

All equipment was processed, tested and data-wiped and all reporting made available via the FGD Online Portal, including asset audits, data destruction certification and revenue share accrual across the project timeline.

From Spring of 2020, the volumes of monitors began to reduce and attention turned to the laptop rollout. However, due to the severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, collections were limited and disrupted and the replacement of older devices was also hampered by manufacturer supply and technical issues. The new date for the completion of the laptop rollout was subsequently set for January 2021 and this was to lead to the bulk of devices being available for collection.

As of February 2021, laptops were collected in their hundreds each month, to be processed and resold. The specification of devices received was largely as expected, but sadly the condition was very mixed, with less than a third of the devices in A Grade condition and around 750 devices requiring some level of repair or being suitable only for parts recycling.

FGD utilised our diverse pool of buyers to maintain the best resale values during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As an additional challenge, at the time that the bulk of the laptops became available for resale, the UK was in the midst of the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As such, the resale markets for recycled equipment were volatile and unpredictable and it became difficult to find stable buyers and prices for the laptop stock.

FGD nevertheless continued to utilise our diverse pool of buyers to maintain the best resale values that the market had to offer, making sure that the Council was always achieving the highest possible return.

For some devices we also opted to refurbish or upgrade them, to be more attractive for the second user market and to think outside of the usual channels, keeping sales volumes and values high.

The Result

FGD’s project management and communication is superb. We have consistently been updated at all stages of the project and with all of our queries being addressed along the way. We’ve been extremely impressed with the service provided and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FGD to other organisations

We have collected just over 9000 items from the Council, including 3200 laptops, 3200 monitors, 650 PCs and over 2000 additional mixed assets of all classes. Collections have been managed in a smooth and continuous flow, with the Council being supported throughout their rollout project by FGD.

This project is a good example of just how changeable the scope of requirement can be over time and how important it is to have a flexible and agile ITAD partner in place

With the original timeframe of six months extending to over two years and a host of unforeseen complications in between, it was crucial that we maintained close communication with the client, to address all queries and concerns along the way and make sure that we continued to provide a reliable and robust solution.

The client has subsequently been delighted at the outcome and FGD have been able to make sure that a strong financial return has still been possible, to assist with the Council’s future budget.

NB: Due to the sensitive nature of our work we are unable to disclose the name of our client, but individual references are available on request.