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Our Storage Experts will help you deliver the storage environment your organisation needs

All businesses rely on data, and the IT organisation serves an essential role as custodian of this critical asset. But not all data is of the same value within the business. To manage data intelligently, your infrastructure must be designed to provide access to the right data, efficiently and accurately.

Your data management - managed

The success of any data solution is determined by the strategy behind it; products alone are not enough. Through our expertise in data management and storage, FGD can help you unlock growth, drive profitability and maintain compliance to your data governance standards.

Understanding the value of your data

As organisations experience exponential rates of data growth, value- based data management is more important than ever. FGD’s helps you build the strategy, and then delivers the solutions, that allow you to capitalise on your data.

  • We provide tailored approaches to address the diverse challenges posed by structured, unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Indefinitely putting all data into a tier one storage environment doesn’t make business sense. FGS’s helps you put the right policies against the your workloads to ensure data storage is proportionate to its value
  • It can be intimidating to consider permanently deleting data, but this is critical within a sustainable management strategy. We work with you to formulate these challenging policies

Optimising your infrastructure

Creating the right environment for your data demands significant architectural foresight and an on-going commitment to maintaining an optimised infrastructure.

  • FGD’s is vendor agnostic; we provide best of breed solutions using single or multi-vendor strategies, according to the needs of your business
  • We provide you with a roadmap to guide the evolution of your data management solution
  • FGD’s Storage Solutions Architect team supports you at the pre-sales stage, stay working with you in a technical design authority role, and then support our service delivery team throughout the lifecycle of your solution.
    We don't just provide data management and storage technologies. We deliver expertise in how to approach data management and build effective vendor-agnostic storage solutions that fit your requirement.

Data backup, recovery and archive solutions

Most organisations are feeling the pain of exploding data volumes, the need for fast recovery times, affordable replication and the new requirements of a virtual environment – all of which traditional back up struggles to support.

Not all data is equal and should be backed up and managed accordingly; static data should ideally be archived, searchable and accountable if requested by regulatory bodies, Mission critical data must be secure, possibly have restricted access rights, but readily available – these are areas that must be considered in any current Data Back-Up and Disaster Recovery strategy in conjunction with solid governance and enforced processes and policies.

Backup solutions

If you are secure with your Data Backup strategy and just need advice on what’s happening in the fast moving world of backup and recovery solutions, FGD and its partners provides enterprise level backup and recovery solutions for hundreds of operating environments and storage infrastructures.

Using established market leaders in enterprise backup and recovery our solutions provide unparalleled data protection for enterprise backup and recovery environments. We can reduce cost and complexity by implementing a unified data protection solution that provides desktop, remote office and data centre protection across the entire enterprise, or alternatively select singular products where a small advantage can be gained, but no wholesale change is required. Using the latest backup solutions from HP, Microsoft, Symantec, Veeam, Comvault and many others, FGD’s customers will be able to benefit from our vast knowledge of all that is on offer.

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