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Secure removal to stringent standards

The full removal of confidential and sensitive data from redundant IT equipment is critical to business, with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to meet. Our clients benefit from a choice of accredited data destruction and data sanitisation options. We carry out these tasks at our own secure facility, onsite at your office or in your data centre.

Secure Data Erasure

FGD’s data erasure process gives you a complete guarantee that no information remains on your organisation’s used hard drives, enabling them to be resold rather than physically destroyed. This approach often generates a revenue return for our clients (see Resale). Where the hard drive has a market, erasure is always the most cost-effective method of data destruction.

How we erase data

We use market-leading Blancco data erasure software, which is NCSC approved and conforms to HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 (the ‘Enhanced Standard’ demanded by UK government). FGD is a Blancco Gold Partner, using the company’s latest, certified version of software to ensure standards are maintained in line with technological advances.

The reassurances you receive

We supply our clients with individual, automatically produced data erasure reports, detailing information that includes the hard drive serial number, hard drive capacity and erasure level of 100%. This traceability is second to none, especially when combined with FGD’s comprehensive asset audit reports.

Secure Physical Data Destruction

When business demands dictate that erasure is not suitable for data destruction – or in the event of hard drives no longer working – FGD provides secure physical data destruction. Here, you have two options: hard drive crushing or hard drive shredding.

Hard Drive Crushing

This solution is ideal when hard drives are being destroyed in an office environment. Our equipment is easily transported, generates little noise and is powered from a standard 240-volt plug socket.

First, we record the hard drive serial number, capacity and, where relevant, asset information. The hard drive platters (the circular disks that store magnetic data) are then destroyed, being rendered completely unreadable by the hard drive crushing machine. A solid steel punch delivers over five tonnes of force to bend, mangle and pierce the drive’s housing and platters. You receive a comprehensive data destruction certificate.

Hard Drive Shredding

This service is best suited when high volumes of hard drives and other electronic media, such as CDs, DVDs and tapes require destroying. We use the Ulster 15H Hydraulic Disintegration Shredder, fitted to a 7.5 tonne, secure container vehicle.

The shredder accommodates the range of electronic media sizes and can destroy more than 100 hard drives in an hour. As with all FGD data destruction methods, you receive a comprehensive data destruction certificate.